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Fertilizer pellet machine and ball granulator ship to India

Pellet machine
Ball granulator

Our indie customer bought one set SKJ2-450 pellet machine and one set YQXJ-800 ball granulator.

His raw materials are mixture of organic and non-roganic material in the ratio of 1:1 containing lime stone/gypsum and micronutrients 

and yeast extracts along with pressmu.Mainly is Gypsum. moisture is 20-35%.

Firstly he just want to buy one ball shaper to make ball fertilizer,from our engineer recommending,final he bought one set pellet machine before the ball shaper.

Pellet machine can press all the raw materials into hard pellets,make sure the raw materials hold together then go into the ball shaper to easy to granlate into ball fertilizer.

He also need one electric control box to control this two sets machine.

Before delivery,we make running the machine to get the samples also below photos please refer to it.