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HKJ250/HKJ300 feed pellet machine

Feed pellet Machine
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Feed Pellet Machine 


HKJ series pellet mills are the new-designed products of our company and the main parts of the fodder machinery system.They are widely used in feed factories,breed aquatics factories,organic fertilizer factories, chemical factories, and China traditional medicine factories, etc.It can be used together with powder material. Its capacity is superior in the same industry home and abroad


1. Feeder

The feeder consists of speed-adjusting motor, reducer, screw hopper, and screw oar.

2. Conditioner

The conditioner is mainly made up of carbon steel or full stainless steel, mix oar, temperature display, 

motor and steam adding hole.Its function is passing 0.1-0.4Mpa dry steam to make steam and feedstuff mix enough, to make material soft and pasted then goes into the pressing store.The mixer hopper, mixer axis and oar are all made of carbon steel or stainless steel, so it is propitious to working in high-temperature and high-humidity environment (It’s no need to use conditioner when pressing organic fertilizer)

3. The security system

The security system is made up of overload protection, the pressing store door and cover, anti-operation  trip switch and outflow from the machine.

1). Overload protection

When hard impurity into pressing district or flow of material is too big, pressure between ring-die and 

pressed roller is over normal,Spindle bear torque above normal and Shear stress which Pass safety pin is also above ultimate strength, then safety pin broken, making spindle spline block rotate and touch

trip switch to stop.

2). Door and cover protection switch

During working, to avoid unnecessary casualties because of high-speed rotating when open the door and cover of the pressing store, then install a security trip switch on the left side of the door and cover.When open the door and cover, the trip switch break control circuit of  the pellet mill to make the pellet mill stop or can not start up to keep people safe.



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