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Fertilizer Ball Granulator machine and finished

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Update time : 2016-03-17 21:54:40

Recently many customer inquiry us ballgranulator for ball fertilizer,

Raw materials many different kinds,like cow manure,chicken maure,gypsum powder,mineral substance,compost,organic fertilizer.

Different raw materials have different adhesion power,if raw materials are hard to hold together,we will recommed one pellet press machine installing before the ball granulator.

Based on your raw materials and capacity,we suggest you two layer or three round layer for you.

The other important is raw materials moisture,too dry or too wet is can't granulate a good fertilizer,normally 25%-30% moisture is better.if your use bigger model with large capacity please consider to install dryer.

We also can produce and design the fertilizer production complete set line,welcome for your inquiry.