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Mobile Drum wood chipper

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Update time : 2016-03-10 16:37:52

Recently Many customer inquiry us about Mobile wood chipper,need BX series Wood chipper change diesel engine and mobile type.

here we make more clearly for all customer.

  1. If your side have electric,we recommend install the motor on the BX series wood chipper,because BX series wood chipper like BX216,BX218,BX2113 model are so heavy type wood chipper,mobile diesel engine is not stability.

  2. If your side hard to supply electric,we can produce mobile drum wood chipper,BX215,BX216,BX218 is ok,but BX2113 model can't change. BX216,BX218 mobile drum wood chipper is good use from customer feedback.

  3. Mobile drum type wood chipper have input feeder and discharge conveyor,they are one parts of wood chipper,the discharge conveyor can be fanlike.

  4. When you want to inquiry wood chipper,please send us your details requirments,the more the better for raw materials,wood log diameter,size,max diameter,they are very important.

Now the Wood chipper are widely used in wood pellet production line,paper making industry and MDF plant use,welcome for your inquiry.