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Pellet mill spare parts,wood chipper spare parts

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Update time : 2016-03-23 12:09:19

Recently many clients inquiry us pellet mill spare parts like mould (flat die) and rolelrs,wood chipper spare parts like blades from foreign customers.

For our first suggestion,please buy these spare parts from the supplier who sold you the machine,this is original,if you really want to buy from us,it is ok.

About the Pellet mill spare parts-flat die and rollers,please tell us,the flat die diameter,hole diameter,thickness,the rollers size,it is better to send us drawing,if same to ours,good,not same,we can special produce for you based on flow chart.

About teh wood chipper spare parts-fly blades,it is normally,please send us the length and width is ok.

The most import,please take the machine photos to us,the more the better.