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Wood chipper complete set loading with which full container

About the wood chipper complete set line,when loading,we need take apart parts,main power,conveyor,then put into container one by one.

Here we list wood chipper loading size,

3 sets BX216 wood chipper need one 40GP container;

2 sets BX218 wood chiper need one 40GP contianer;

2sets BX218 wood chipper and one set BX216 wood chipper need one 40GP container.

If you just buy one set,

One set BX216 wood chipper with one 20GP container;

One set BX218 wood chipper with one 20GPcontainer;

One set BX2113 wood chipper with one 40GP container;

Before 2012,we produce wood chipper without base,as below photos,

From 2012,we produce wood chipper with base as below,