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Organic Fertilizer pellet mill

Fertilizer pellet press machine

1. Organic Fertilizer pellet mill can produce the sphere pure organic fertilizer,compost fertilizer, and biology organic fertilizer. Pellet even& smooth, intensity high, and the fluidity is good.Complete low-temperature drying, cooling, screen the whole process for one time.Invests few, consumption is low.Microorganism fungus survival rate 90%.

2. Organic Fertilizer pellet mill can make materials keep dry when going into and coming out of the machine, and there is no need to dry it (moisture of raw material ≤13%).It is used with motor or diesel engine.The output volume is high, energy consumption is low.

3. Fertilizer pellet mill is widely applied to pellet renewed by the organic reject of the profession such as the pasture raising cultivation industry, medium small cultivation factory, fodder factory, sugar, paper-make, medicine, smoke factory and so on.


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