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Feed crumble machine

Roller type feed crusher
animal feed crumble machine

The Roller Type Feed Pellet crumble machine adopts different speed principle of opposite roller, extrud and cut the pellets, makes the big pellets become the irregular small pellets.The rollers protection device in the machine can avoid something hard and heterogeneity. This machine gathers the advantages of all crushers in China: it not only uses for the pellets crushering, but also suits to the soft materials. It is the equipment of high efficiency, low noise and wears well.

1.Animal feed roller type crumble machine  is mainly used to break some big pellets into smaller than 1-2mm dimension small pellets,generally for poultry,the big pellets will affect animal digestion, but if break big pellets into smaller ones, then will easily digest ,generally it is used in feed pellet production line.

2.Animal feed roller crumble machine adopts asymmetric roll principle and has roller backup protection, it can work with low noise and high efficiency.

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