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Small feed Grinder

Feed hammer crusher
Animal feed grinding machine

Small Feed Hammer mill

The machine is  most ideal grinder equipment of all kinds  of cereals suchas corn, soybean, sorghum, barley, grain, rice, maize etc, and also can grinding all kinds of crop stalks, such as corn stalks, peanut skins,  clover, grass, peanut shoots, rice straw, wheat straw etc.

Features and Advantages

1).Easy operation

2). Energy saving and less dust 

3). Reward quickly

4).Low noise and slight vibration

5). Compact structure

6).Sturdy and durable  

7). High efficiency and low consumption 8).High capacity and reliable performance

Main parts and working principle

The hammers welded by superior steels ,the materials go into the  pulverizing room through the feeding hole on the upper cover, the materials are crushed gradually as a result of the beating of the high-speed  rotating hammer mill and the friction of the sieve plate, and then they discharge from the discharge hole on the pedestal after passing through the sieve pores under the effect of centrifugal force and airflow.

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