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diesel engine Feed pelletizer

flat die pelletizer for feed pellets.
power: diesel engine
pellet diameter:2mm-8mm.
Diesel engine feed pelletizer.
There are two kinds of driven way for pelletizer,one is electric motor,the other is diesel engine,during machine use depend on cliant local market requirments to select it.
Normally our pelletizer need three phases industrial electricity,if client can't supply this,please consider use diesel engine.
Flat die pelletizer,this type is special press feed pellets,like chicken feed,duck feed,fish feed,cow,sheep and horse feed pellet.if press only corn raw materials,the capacity will be higher,while press raw materials mix some grass meal,straw,peanut shell,rice husk...the capacity will be lower
Technical parematers
Name Power(hp) capacity(kg/h) pellet diemarer range (mm)
SKJ120 8hp 50-150 2-8
SKJ150 18hp 100-200 2-8
SKJ200 22hp 200-300 2-8
SKJ250 22hp 300-500 2-8
SKJ280 32hp 400-700 2-8
SKJ300 45hp 500-800 2-8

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