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Ring die Chicken feed pellet mill

Ring die Chicken feed pellet mill.
1)Pellet diameter:1.5mm,2mm,3mm,...12mm
2)Capacity:800-1200kg/h for corn, chicken feed pellets,
3)Capacity:600-800kg/h for cow, horse feed pellets.
Ring die Chicken feed pellet mill.
HKJ series ring die pellet mill,it is widely used for poultry feed pellets.
Suitable raw materials: all kinds of corn,like maize,wheat,soybean,... this is for chicken feed pellets,while if you mix some grass,rice bran,peanut sheel,corn straw for cow,horse,sheep pellets,it is no problems,but the capacity is different.

Technical parameters
Name HKJ250 HKJ300 HKJ350 HKJ450 HKJ610
Capacity(kg/h) 600-1500 1500-2500 2000-3000 3000-5000 6000-8000
Power(kw) 22 45 55 90-110 110-150

Spare parts shows.
1.Ring die.have two kinds of raw materials for clients to select,one is alloy steel,the other is stainless steel, normally we produce the alloy steel ring die inside of the pellet mill,depend on clients requirements to produce stainless steel raw materials,the pellet diameter range from 1.5mm-12mm,meet for different poultry feed demand.

1.Delivery to South Africa clients.

2.Delivery to Australia clients.


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