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Diesel feed pellet machine

Diesel engine feed pellet mill
CE certificate

1.feed pellets machine for livestock mainly used for feed and animal husbandry industry, cattle, horses, sheep, chicken, pig, rabbit, duck, goose,fish, ostriches, camels, dove small plant breeding and feed factory.

2.feed pellets machine can be used as animal manure, sludge, biogas residue as organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer,compound fertilizer and other fertilizer granules.

3.feed pellet mill is handled by CNC machine, the die and rollers are handled by heat treatment, which increase the abrasive

4.The feed pellet mill can be both with motor and diesel engine can satisfy the different customers' requirements.

5.The capacity of our small feed pellet mill is high, energy consumption is low and the operation is very stable.

6.Feed pellets have smooth surface, appropriate hardness, high degree of inner curing which could lead to starch pasting and protein solidification, improved nutritive quality of feed, easy digestion and absorption, as well as the death of common pathogenic germ and parasite.

7.The Pellet Mill s' pellet specification could be adjusted at will by replacing mould.

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