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Vietnam project 3-5tons/h Wood pellet production line

Wood pellet production line
Contain wood chipper, hammer mill, pellet mill, dryer, cooler, packing machine
3-5Tons/h Wood pellet production complete set line line 
Raw materials: wood logs,wood waste,wood pallets.
Working process:
1.Wood chipper:the wood log shredder,make wood log within 30mm wood chips;
2.hammer mill:crush the wood chips into wood sawdust,
3,Rotary dryer: the pellet machine suitbale moisture is 15%-20%,if the moisture is higher than 20%,please installing the dryer;
4.Cooling machine:cooler,this can cool down the finished pellets.
5.Packing machine:here install small packing bags from 5-50kg/bags,if you need tons big bag packing machine,we also can supply this.
6.Whole line dust collector device,keep sure whole workshop no dust fly,clean to produce.
7.connection conveyor.
The main pellet machine, 3sets XGJ560 model,the 6th generation pellet mill.high efficient pellet making machine.
Installing machine whole line details


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