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Pellet cooler/counter flow cooler

Pellet cooler:
1. SKLN series counter flow cooler is the latest cooling equipment that contains our many years’ manufacturing experiences and unites international advanced cooling technology, the machine is mainly used for cooling finished pellets with high temperature.
2. This machine has the special cooling structure ,the cool air and pellet move inversely. The pellets are cooled from bottom to the top gradually ,which avoid the split of pellet surface, the heart moisture and heat emanate uneasily during the cooling process and so on characteristic by using old type vertical cooler . 
3. The cooler adopts vibration locking device, increasing the cooling efficiency, reducing the broking rate, rooting out the drawback that the cooler can not work after the pellets become cooler, at the same time, lowering the power consumption. The cooling efficiency is much better than other products at home, and also higher than the National Standard. The temperature of pellets after cooling is not +5℃ higher than room temperature. The reducing moisture rate is not lower than 3.8%. All these are good for producing high capacity feed pellets, lengthening pellets storage period and improving economic efficiency.
4. Our cooler has lots of advantages such as high capacity, good cooling efficiency, high level automatic, low noise and less maintenance. They are advanced substituted cooling equipment which is widely used abroad.


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