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Small pellet production line for Australia client order


ABOUT THE PROJECT-Pellet prodction line

Small pellet production line, this line is the best seller in our factory,Every month will sale more than 15-20 sets to abroad.
This line include hammer mill,screw conveyor,pellet machine.also together with electric control cabinet.
Normally the standard line power: hammer mill with 7.5kw,screw conveyor with 1.5kw,pellet machine with 15kw. main pellet machine also can be changed smaller model or bigger model,depend on client requirments,this line capacity is 300-500kg/h.
different raw materials have different capacity,if your side produce only corn,this line capacity can reach 500kg/h; while if your raw materials mix some hard raw materials like peanut shell,rice bran,grass meal,wood chips.corn straw.the capacity will be lower.depend on the raw materials proportion.
The hammer mill is multifuncational type,it can grind all kinds of corn,also can grind straw,rice husk,wood chips,grass.this line also can be seperate to use,if raw materials moisture is too wet or too dry,firstly to grind raw materials by hammer mill. for pellet machine,the suitable moisture is 15%-20%, please depend on this to adjust the raw materials moisture.
Pellet machine is flat die pellet mill,it can press all kinds of feed pellets for poultry,also can press organic fertilizer and compost fertilizer pellets.the pellet diameter can be selected from 2mm to 8mm. cylinder pellets.


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