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Wood pellet mill

Biomass Pellet mills
wood pellet machine

Biomass Wood Pellet mill 

The XGJ efficient centrifugal type pellet machine, with high pressure,can make pellets from different pressure ratio material: wood sawdust, agricultural straw, rice husk, sunflower shell, coconut husk, palm fiber, oil palm trunk, bamboo, alfalfa, grass, hay or other biomass. During pelletizing, no need any additives, DIN standard can be reached easlily.

All pellet presses are developed to give low production costs and high-quality pellets to make owners competitive in both private and industrial markets.

Five characteristics

1. Vertical feeding, directly in place.

2. Die is static,rollers rotary; materials are evenly distributed around, because of centrifugal force.

3. Double-layer die.Two layers both can be used independently so the machine reduces the cost; What’s more,

two layers of the die also can be used at the same time, in this way, the efficiency has been improved greatly, high capacity and save energy.

4. Ring die and vertical structure are good for cooling the pelletizing room.

5. Independent and frequency conversion discharge device can ensure the rate of pellet formation.

Technical Parameters

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